Watch Yourshelf

Business, business, business, it’s just business, or is it? In this game, you take on the role of shopkeeper and have to do everything you can to attract customers and sell as many products as possible. As if that weren’t hard enough, you have greedy opponents who do everything in their power to steal your customers, sometimes even through dirty tricks. shelves and place them either in your shop window to attract customers or on your shop floor to gain victory points by selling your products

– Select actions such as “Influence the market” and
“Clearence sale” or play dirty tricks like “Flip an
opponents shop window”

– Try to keep in mind which customer will be the next in line and try to collect various customer types in order to get more victory points in the end

– Do not play too dirty, once in a while the inspector
shows up to see if you are running your business
according to regulation

– And finally, be aware as rumour has it there are
thieves on the loose!

Designer: Kristofer Lilja


De som deltar i SM i BrädspelsDesign (SMiBD) vill gärna att det kommer så många som möjligt och testar deras spel. Det hjälper dem att utveckla sin design. Varje deltagare har ett klockslag då Juryn kommer och testar spelet. Detta klockslag måste respekteras för att Juryn skall ha tid att gå igenom alla spel.